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Serenity Retreats Ireland
Specialised Therapeutic Mental Health and Wellness Retreats 
Talking Therapy, Sound Therapy
, Mindfulness, Meditation

 Are you ready to breathe JOY back into your life? Has the time come to stop everything ... and ... invest in yourself? Do you need a break from your life? Do you need to talk to someone, but not a loved one or friend but someone impartial? Are you seeking a few days away in a place where you will be comforted, supported, listened to and loved back to life? If so, we will accompany you as you embark on a unique personal journey of recovery and self-discovery on you Serenity Retreats Ireland programme.

If you are looking for support and help with personal issues, burn-out, anxiety, addiction? Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused about your life right now, your past, or about your future?


Our therapeutic retreat programmes are one to one and guided through a combination of Talking Therapy, Sound Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation. We offer intensive 3 hour, 10 hour, and 20 hour, one to one programmes, ensuring you a personalised and hands-on experience. Your accommodation for the duration of your stay is in a 4*hotel with a leisure centre. We collect you each day at your hotel accommodation or you can drive 5 minutes to our therapy space. Your programme gently unfolds until you return to your hotel afterwards. 


Our retreats are designed to support you in finding inner peace as you work towards healing from past and present issues, and find your vision of your future which will help you live a more fulfilling and inspired life - gently revitalising your mind, body and spirit - of the past, in the present and for the future. 


If you are in search of a truly inspiring and uplifting retreat experience we have exactly what you need! 

You will journey into the HEARTLAND of IRELAND where its beauty and simplicities are slowly revealed ... activities and experiences will enable you get in touch with your inner self. You will get exactly what you need at exactly the right time as our retreats evolve at relaxed yet progressive pace throughout each day. 

Our retreats gently whisper many secrets to those who find the stillness to listen from their hearts. 

We offer professionalism, peace and tranquillity, delivered with grace and generosity. Which is why ..

Irish and International Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Medical Professionals recommend our exclusive therapeutic retreat programmes to their clients. 

Retreat Dates

Please ring us to discuss your suitability for our retreats and your preferred dates.


Steps to make your reservation:

1. Look at the retreat options and choose your preferred retreat duration.


2. Phone us to discuss how we can offer you the appropriate support for your personal retreat needs. 086-8099661


3. Look up the hotel website for dates that suit you (please don’t book the hotel until you confirm our retreat availability).

4. We will confirm our availability and you can then proceed to make your hotel reservation.

5. We will reserve your place on your one-to-one retreat and collect you from the hotel as planned during our phone conversation.

For these retreats you will book and pay for your  4*hotel accommodation on dates that suit you and arrange to visit our centre for your daily therapeutic programme. Guests will be collected from your hotel every morning for your retreat programme and returned to your hotel afterwards.

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