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Self Care Well-being Workshops & Workshops for Parents

Your time is precious and so is the time of children. Why not bring the joy of sound therapy into your home and meditation practices? As you take your time to meditate, the soothing sounds will calm your mind, focus your attention on the present and enable you to gain clarity on emotions and life's challenges.

Enabling your children to acknowledge and deal with emotions through sound therapy and mindful meditation could be one of the most valuable investments parents can make in their children's personal development and well-being. 

We will show you exactly how to easily encorporate music into your own self-care programme and that of your children. It will greatly enhance your family's overall well-being, transposing you all to a place of inner peace, compassion and love.  

It is such an easy process that you will be delighted with your decision to join one of our workshops. You will take away more than you think.

Get in touch with us today to discuss dates and reserve your place:

+353-(0)86 8099661 

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