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Staff Personal Development and Teacher Training to Include Sound Meditations for integration into classroom settings

Listening to the beautiful sounds created by Tibetan Singing Bowls with your students is a really simple way to bring calm into your classroom.

It complements the introduction of Mindfulness in daily routines. The students really enjoy the soothing sounds, and many fun activities can be centred around its use. It aids student concentration, raises self-awareness, supports children with special needs as well as children on the Autistic Spectrum, among many other benefits.


Teacher self-care is also an important aspect of its use. You will learn techniques to incorporate it into your daily Meditation and Mindfulness practices. 

We run 1/2 day Teacher workshops on weekends.


Please contact us for further details by email or phone: +353(0)86 8099661

Sound Therapy is beneficial for anyone with special needs, i.e. Autism, as the sounds stimulate the different hemispheres in the brain, blocks out external sensory sounds and enables the mind to achieve calmness. We get a glimpse into one autistic girl's experience with Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing in the video below, for information purposes only. Parents can also bring the soothing sounds into their home to use with children by attending one of our workshops. 
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