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Corporate Staff Wellbeing and Personal Development at 
Serenity Retreats Ireland | Ireland

Corporate stress management is a serious concern for business. Is your team working to the best of its potential? Are you taking care of your employees?

On a global basis, stress related illness accounts for billions of Euro in financial losses every year for corporations due to employee absenteeism, weak performance, poor working relationships and law suits directly related to stress induced issues. 


Companies who realise their employees are their greatest asset include Serenity Sound Meditation in their Staff Wellness programmes. It's so simple yet incredibly powerful. Everyone who experiences it will benefit from the experience, ultimately - Your Company - Your Employees. 

The sounds induce a deep meditative state, reduce stress, bring the mind and body into harmony while energising it. This has a direct impact on your employees' productivity and happiness. 

Serenity Sound Meditation can be included in your Team Building Events wherever they are taking place. We offer a range of workshops that can be integrated into seminars, planning days or held onsite at weekends. Our workshops focus on two main goals –empowering people to take charge of their well-being and achieving balance in their lives.

Contact us to discuss opportunities: or   +353 (0)868099661

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