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Serenity Therapeutic Three Hour Programme
        Talking Therapy, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness 

This retreat programme is allows people to experience the Serenity Daily Three Hour Programme at our Serenity Centre for as many days as they choose. 

Talking Therapy, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness.
€240 per three hour intensive one-to-one programme. 

We always like to speak to guests in advance of reservations, to ensure we will be able to support you and your individual needs during your retreat  -  so please feel free to ring Theresa - or send a WhatsApp message to 

 +353 (0) 86 8099661

For this retreat you will have the option to book into your  4*hotel accommodation for two nights accommodation on dates that suit you and arrange to visit our centre for your daily therapeutic programme. Guests will be collected from your hotel everyday for your retreat programme and returned to your hotel afterwards. The retreat programme is designed around a therapeutic programme of talking therapy, sound therapy, mindfulness and meditation and experienced in various inspiring places within the locality and at the Serenity Centre. 

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